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He was imprisoned in their ‘House of the Fetish’, home of a primitive idol, and here he witnesses various holy ceremonies conducted by the Sorcerer, which include beating a number of native women and then choosing one to mate with, like an animal, in the face of the Fetish.The narrator is imprisoned in this pitch black hut made of salt and mud and fed on grain thrown onto the floor, while defecating in a hole he gouges.After so many years of mad, aimless fleeing from fear, she had come to a stop at last.

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He is reduced to a condition of complete animality.On one occasion a native woman enters and apparently offers herself to him sexually, which he is beginning to act on when the Sorcerer and other tribesmen enter, beat him up and then tear out his tongue, making him pass out with pain.The deep, clear water, the hot sun, the girls, the physical life – there was no other form of happiness in this country.(page 49) Camus’s later writings are more literary than logical.Janine could not tear herself away from contemplating those drifting flares.

She was turning with them, and the apparently stationary progress little by little identified her with the core of her being, where cold and desire were now vying with each other.It is a story about loss – lost time, lost life, lost love, the loss which is somehow central to life.This is a weird one, a real oddity in the Camus I’ve read so far.It is the dramatic soliloquy of a man who’s gone mad.He was a not very bright student at a theological seminary. He had a personal mission/obsession with suffering, with undergoing ‘the offence’ all the better to demonstrate to the heathen how superior his God was, how it enabled him to turn the other cheek, and so on.After a moment, however, it seemed to her that the sky above her was moving in a sort of slow gyration.