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In the folklore museum there is presentation of Bedouin and traditional costumes and everyday folkloric items.From Antiquity to Modernity Jordan is a land steeped in history.It was at that time that the Ottomans established a regional administrative base in Salt and encouraged settlement from other parts of their empire.

These splendid yellow sandstone buildings incorporate a variety of local and European styles.Typically, they have domed roofs, interior courtyards and characteristic tall, arched windows.Salt contains many schools, including the public first secondary school of Jordan dating back to 1918, as well as many private schools that date back to the 1800s, such as the Latin School and the Catholic School.It is also the home of the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, a non-profit educational center for people with hearing impairment.Salt seemed to be the city that would be chosen as the capital of the new emirate since most of the industry and commerce flowed through Salt. Even so, Abdullah picked the city as the capital of his emerging emirate but later changed his mind and moved his compound and entourage to Amman when he and the notables of Salt had a disagreement.

Amman at that time was a small city of only 20,000 people which experienced rapid growth.

The Greater Salt Municipality is divided into nine districts: Salt is famed in Jordan for its fertile soil and the quality of its fruit and vegetable harvests, particularly olives, tomatoes, grapes & peaches.

Indeed, it is speculated that the town's name provided the root for sultana, a certain type of raisin.

It is named after one of the prophets in Islam (as well as Christianity and Judaism), Shoaib (Jethro), who was the father-in-law of Moses and one of the descendants of Ibrahim (Abraham).

Most privately owned farms are located in this valley; the primary crops are grapes, olives and fruit-bearing trees.

There is also a small museum and a handicraft school where the traditional skills of ceramics, weaving, silk-screen printing and dyeing are shown.