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Monumental drop-offs with stunning soft corals carpeting the walls, schooling fish and big pelagics can all be expected.

The Egyptian coast along the Red Sea in both Africa and the Sinai peninsula is a favoured destination for Scuba diving and snorkeling.

Ask and get written confirmation or book through certified operators and agents.

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Dedicated divers plan entire dive holidays to areas offering sites of particular interest, and others may want to include some dive sites in their itineraries.The lack of suitable dive sites in large parts of the world also makes diver training a significant travel activity.The east coast of Africa is better known for diving destinations than the west coast or the Mediterranean coast, and there are good diving destinations scattered along the east coast from Egypt to South Africa, wherever accessibility and political stability allow.The infrastructure varies enormously and is constantly changing.This is also diving for recreational purposes, but involves a different level of training and equipment, and often involves relatively high risk activities, such as extended depth range, decompression dives, use of complex rebreather equipment, gas changes during the dive, and penetrations of caves and wrecks.

Related topics include snorkeling, which generally refers to swimming on the surface while breathing through a snorkel, free diving, which involves breath hold underwater swimming, and SNUBA, which provides a surface source of pressurised breathing air, supplied to the diver through a limited length of hose and a mouthpiece.Emergency medical facilities are also variable, and range from world class to non-existent.Don't assume that anything is available at any specific destination.Very often the training and sight-seeing diving aspects are combined in the same trip.Africa has a long coastline, and the coastal waters range from the warm tropical Red Sea, to the cool temperate west coast of southern Africa.Scuba diving can also be a very relaxing sport and in many places it's very beginner friendly.