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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Me and My Dick is a coming of age tale about a "boy with a very special relationship with his very best friend ... Together they face the trials of growing up, love, sex and high school, but these two best pals are in for the adventure of a lifetime." Joey Richter wakes up one morning and begins talking to his best friend, his penis, Dick, about their non-existent sex life.Meanwhile, Dick explains to Joey that while he and Sally hugged, Dick met Miss Cooter.

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Due to this interruption, Joey and Dick can't finish.Dick then tries to talk Joey into "introducing" him to Vanessa and talks him into "taking life by the balls," in order to win Vanessa's heart and get Joey to lose his virginity ("Me and My Dick").Vanessa quickly shoots down Joey's advances, and Joey runs off crying.Tiffany lets slip what happened between Joey and Vanessa.Vanessa meets up with her friend Tiffany as do their vaginas, The Old Snatch (Tiffany's) and Flopsy (Vanessa's).

They discuss boys, as well as monogamy, since Flopsy is tired of always having sex with Vanessa's boyfriend and the Old Snatch is used to having casual sex with almost any boy TIffany meets. Vanessa reveals to Tiffany that her boyfriend Rick cheated on her.

Sally decides to ask Joey out, but ends up just asking him to be chemistry partners, which he agrees to.

While Sally is explaining their science project, Joey and Dick plan to get Vanessa's attention but get sidetracked when they see Vanessa.

However, when Vanessa flat out says she wants to have sex with him, he gets with the program.

While Joey and Vanessa are getting hot and heavy, Dick meets up with Flopsy, but is repulsed by her and does not have the same romantic experience he had with Miss Cooter.

Tiffany shows up at Vanessa's to give her a box of "tools" in case her study date with Joey turns into an "epic fail," including handcuffs, beer, and condoms.