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Today we'll be covering reasons for learning the language and setting appropriate goals.This series will be written from the point of view of a self-learner.How motivated are you really, how much time are you willing to invest on a daily/weekly basis and what would you like to achieve?

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Some examples of this would be: Extrinsically driven motivation doesn't always last very long, and it can be hard to then motivate yourself to keep going. There's also not always a very clear distinction between the two.

Sometimes people just aren't driven internally (yet) and need a little push to get started.

You'd ideally want to use it every day, even if it's only 20 minutes a day.

20 minutes every day would yield better results in the long term than one long 2-3 hour study session during the weekend.I'll pay special attention to the posters saying "yes" who have a certain badge next to their names. There was a lot of new code added, so please bear with us if anything breaks, we'll try and take care of it asap. In the comments many of you ask us how we learned Japanese.I decided to write a short blog series about how I, personally, learned the language since you all seem to be really interested in how the process go - there's plenty of other paths than my own, naturally.Over time this might develop some intrinsic motivation, but that is not always the case.Use it or lose it Keeping yourself motivated is in my opinion the hardest task when it comes to learning a language, even more so for a difficult language like Japanese (for native English speakers at least).There are two different kinds of motivation I will talk about: the intrinsically and the extrinsically driven.