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She estimated that she lost a total of 5,000, which required her to take out loans.Barb Sluppick, founder of the online support group, which has 20,000 active members, said that one of the hardest things for victims to understand "is that there's no justice in these scams.". Federal officials acknowledge that many cases are not investigated, but they encourage people to report these crimes because the information helps them spot patterns and build cases against repeat offenders.

Discontinuing contact may sound "obvious and simple, but it isn't always because they've fallen in love with this person," the AARP's Shadel said.

"And so the tragedy of this type of crime is that you not only lose money, but it breaks your heart." Spira, the dating guru, also advises taking the relationship offline fairly quickly via a face-to-face meeting in a public place. "And once you meet them, there might not be anything in common." Also, experts say, reluctance to meet can be another red flag.

Ugh.” Writer Cassie Murdoch writes: “Trump’s chaotic reign has forced us all to think about politics morning and night …” She claims there was no escape even when trying to find someone with whom to binge watch television.

Where was she during the Obama administration when they were targeting nuns, Tea Party groups and refusing to assist homeschool families fleeing persecution?

Phil said on Monday during an interview on “The View” that there’s “nothing creepy” happening when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump jokes about dating his own daughter.

Trump most recently called his daughter, Ivanka, a “beauty” in an interview with Rolling Stone.“Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. There’s really nothing creepy going on there.”“Right now, he’s just talking and he doesn’t have the ability to really have any consequences to what he says,” Mc Graw added.An AARP study he co-authored last year found that Internet fraud victims had experienced significantly more negative life events in the previous two years than non-victims.Navigating Web dating's rough shoals: e Harmony CEO A 53-year-old grandmother from California recently learned how these confidence men (and women) play on the vulnerabilities of lonely singles.AARP is collecting signatures on an online petition calling on dating sites to take stronger steps to protect customers.In Joanna's case, law enforcement did not contact her about an investigation after she reported the theft, and like the vast majority of victims, she never got any money back.If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father …” he said in the interview.