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Call if you are aware of a crime of abuse in progress, or if you feel threatened. has a Spokane Police Officers Domestic Violence Team, which is a group of officers and detectives who are trained in dealing with domestic violence.

They are trained to help the victim understand the level of risk in their particular situation. Monroe Street Spokane, WA(inside the YWCA)A team of police officers and detectives, prosecutors and advocates work together in this office to support victims of domestic violence.

Abused women of faith are more likely to stay in an abusive relationship, because they have been misled to believe it is their duty as a good Christian wife and/or mother to obey and accept the mental or physical abuse from their partner.

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This service is free and available around the clock to help you be better prepared to help your loved one.Depression hotlines can help you better understand the treatments and services available so you can take the next steps and better understand what you are experiencing.Depression hotlines are meant to be a free resource to the communities they serve.Their purpose is to provide you and your loved ones with a place to start the dialogue about how depression has affected your life. Phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We serve all survivors of intimate partner violence, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex.

Depression has a high rate of co-occurrence with both anxiety (up to 60%) and substance use disorders.

A depression crisis hotline can address dangerous substance abuse behaviors and any other mental health challenges that may be contributing to depression.

Services are offered in one place to make it easier for victims to get the help, hope and safety they need.

1-800-562-6025Miryam's House (program of Transitions)1805 W. 9th Avenue Spokane, WA 99204(509) 747-9222 Housing for women recovering from crises related to homelessness, abuse, addiction and displacement. Treatment of substance abuse and domestic violence on their own can oftentimes be difficult, but add them together and finding a suitable and sustainable treatment program suddenly becomes tremendously more complex.

Isolation can make depression feel worse and increase the risk that a person will experience suicidal thoughts or behaviors.