Onrowupdating not working

This is likely because this event takes place after the database Save has taken place. Equals(key Field Value) Then int Edited Row Num = tmp Row. To achieve the desired before/after detection behavior, I’ve added a hidden read-only data field in the Grid View markup that will hold the original value of the field. Equals(key Field Value)) { Now that we’ve stepped through the details, let’s look at the Mark Up for the Grid View as well as the methods (in VB. Row Index Dim str Original Ddl Value As String = CType(tmp Row. Text Dim str User Selected Ddl Value As String = CType(tmp Row. Here’s the code to get the Id: There’s now no other way to get the edited row number other than looping through the rows of the Grid View and comparing the datakey value of each row with the key that was passed to the on Row Updated method from the Grid View Updated Event Args parameter.

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Page Index Changed event, and rebind in that handler. This should be set to the name of the handler which will be handling the event. Also, the code you suggested is the exact same as the way my checkbox is defined above.

Check out this MSDN article msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ For me it was the "Enable View State" set to TRUE on the grdiview. And the method is defined properly with the proper method signature with object and Event Args. I know how to set up an event through markup Was just a suggestion.

NET code..because I had set Enable View State="false" :@ When I bind Grid View in if(! Find Control with the event target to find the control that fired the event Turn off the property of Linkbutton CAUSEVALIDATION to false as it will stop firing page_load event as untill & unless validators are not validated no event will be fired thats why it is done.

Is Post Back), pager does not work :( @Mazdak Shojaie You have to add an event handler for the Grid View. But there are many cases when we have to set CAUSE VALIDATION true & also have to update but it is quite implossible in such case use JAVA SCRIPT I just had a colleague who encountered the same problem; his was caused by the onrowcommand= attribute not being set in the asp: Grid View element. Also make sure that the web.config has debug set to true (think already done). Like I said at the bottom, my button click event works fine, it's just the Check Box inside the Grid View that's giving me problems.

w=333" class="size-full wp-image-1684" src="https://jwcooney.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/gridviewexample.gif? w=825" alt="Grid View Example" / This article deals with the Grid View Web Forms .

By the way, if you find the information I’m giving is useful, then have a look at some of the other Web Forms related articles I’ve written. We will use Template Field, whenever we want to define some custom control in the data bound controls like Grid View, Data Grid or Data Repeater.If he clicks edit (or) in the edit mode he can be able to see the Textbox.Well, if you’ve got a Grid View, you may want to have programmatic decision making logic in place based on an update event happening.This might be useful if you are checking to see if the user actually changed a value, or just clicked the update button.In this case you have the option of catching the update event before the database update happens (method is triggered after the Grid View’s update event has happened.