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Below is a list of notable systems that claim to be CMFs.

Template callbacks allow the modification of the software's web pages without requiring extensive knowledge.Email is another primary interface to RT and is often the only interface many guest users see.A basic REST-like API and a command-line tool are also provided as another way to interact with RT.Because Cloudflare acts as a proxy, you will notice changes to the way that your website visitors' IP addresses are displayed both in your server logs and web applications - notably that all access appears to be coming from Cloudflare IP addresses.RT's first release in 1996 was written by Jesse Vincent, who later formed Best Practical Solutions LLC to distribute, develop, and support the package.

RT is written in Perl and runs on the Apache and lighttpd web servers using mod_perl or Fast CGI with data stored in either My SQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle or SQLite.

Apache module to enable the use of the Perl scripting language with the Apache web server.

For more information about how to configure and use the Perl scripting language with the Apache web server, read Apache's mod_perl documentation.

It does this by using an array of techniques to accelerate the HTTP connections between Cloudflare and your servers.

Railgun is available for Business and Enterprise users. The use of Railgun on your own server requires a Business or Enterprise subscription and a 64-bit architecture.

The Easy Apache profiles do not provide the mod_perl gives you a persistent Perl interpreter embedded in your web server.