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22 other communes situated farther form with them the Communauté urbaine Angers Loire Métropole.All these peripheral communes are situated within 17 km (11 mi) from Angers proper. Angers has an oceanic climate, with moderate rain year-round.Angers is a hilly town, particularly marked by a rocky promontory dominating the lower valley of Anjou.

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Angers is the historical capital of Anjou and was for centuries an important stronghold in northwestern France.

It is the cradle of the Plantagenet dynasty and was during the reign of René of Anjou one of the intellectual centers of Europe.

Winters have scarce frosts and snowfalls, and summers are warm and sunny. The Castle was during the Middle Ages the core of the city defense system, composed of tall city walls and river chains to prevent enemy ships from going up the Maine.

The walls were last reconstructed between 12, on an order of King Louis IX.

An acrostic from the Middle Ages calls it Antique clef de France, which means "Ancient key to France": Under Napoleon I's rule, Angers was one of the "Bonnes villes" and was therefore allowed to ask for a new coat of arms.

The bees, symbol of the First French Empire, then replaced the royal fleurs de lys.It is also 118 km (73 mi) far from Pornic, the closest sea resort, situated on the Atlantic ocean.Elevation varies 12 to 64 meters (39 to 210 ft) above sea level.The city is situated just south of the confluence of the Loir, Mayenne and Sarthe which form together the river Maine.The Maine crosses Angers and heads south towards the Loire.At the north and south, where the river Maine arrives in and leaves Angers, the landscape is formed by islands, ponds and floodplains which are a haven for birds and a typical flora of the Val de Loire.